City Council

Who is Wallace Redd?
Wallace honorably served previously on the County Commission and City Council. He gets the job done!

● Wallace and his wife Helga have been married 40 years.
● Together they raised their 3 children in Ward 4 and all graduated from APSU.     
● Wallace is a third-generation veteran that served with the 101st and the 2/11 ACR.
● Wallace and Helga operated Helga's Day Care and Redd Properties.
● Wallace currently serves as the Pastor of Sugar Creek Baptist Church, Woodlawn. ​
​Wallace Redd for City Council
511 Paula Drive, Clarksville, TN 37042   ●   931-216-5640   ●

Wallace's grandfather who served during World War 1 as a fighter and 
reconnaissance pilot.
Wallace as a young NCO with the 2/11 ACR. His father and grandfather also served in WW1 and WW2,
Wallace on maneuvers with the 2/11 Armored Cavalry Regiment, West Germany. Sometime between 1979-1981.
Wallace at Burchett Park. Wallace was instrumental in getting the land donated to the city at no cost to tax payers.
Wallace meeting with the people, door to door.
As a magician, Wallace donates his time for various charities.
Wallace with his good friend Pastor Schera, Missionary to Haiti. Wallace and Helga are long time supporters of missions to Haiti.
What kind of a public servant is Wallace?

● Wallace is open, honest, and fair with all of his decisions.  
● He is accessible and answers your emails and calls promptly. He chairs the Gas and Water Committee and is a member of the Finance Committee. 

What are Wallace's priorities?
● Wallace is committed to putting our neighborhoods first. 
● Wallace is not afraid to say 'NO' to costly bad deals. 
● Wallace will fight to pass ethics reforms! He has no conflicting interest. He does not work for the city and is not retired from the city. Wallace cannot vote for any pay or benefits for himself. 

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